Legal Guarantee and Right of Withdrawal FLY MOV

Legal guarantee for damages: 


If at the time of receiving your order you see that your product is damaged or has some anomaly, you must make the change by informing the email attaching the images of the product, you have a period of 10 calendar days from when you received your product, Otherwise it will be assumed that the damage is due to misuse.

Legal guarantee for product failures:

FLY MOV grants 180 days of refund for failure in the following cases:

• Thermoses:

Any product that has a lid in poor condition, that does not close correctly, among others, can be returned. The warranty does not cover discomfort from use, improper use and scratches.

The maximum response time is 30 business days.

Exclusions from the legal guarantee: All marketed products that are second selection are excluded from the legal guarantee, as well as beauty products and personal use, all of which will be informed in the product description.


Right of withdrawal:

After receiving your purchase, you have up to 10 business days to return it from receipt of the product. In any case, the product must come in perfect condition, after which we will return your money to the account associated with your session (please verify that the data is correct).

Exclusions from the right of withdrawal: The right of withdrawal will not apply to second selection (used) products, beauty products, and personal use products, all of which will be informed in the product description.

Remember that, if you require help, you can contact us via email.

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